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Riddim Betta Time Beatport lo From feat On Kah Riton 4xxqgwp

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Riddim lo Beatport On Riton Time Betta feat Kah From Sept. 7, 2006

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Staff Writer

If you search for the word "fake ID" on Google.com, the search will yield several links to Web sites of companies specializing in novelty IDs.

One example, TheIDShop.com, produces false driver's licenses for 18 different states.

Identification cards from ID Shop.com range in price from $100 to $130, depending whether a hologram is requested.

Ordering a fake ID online can be done in a few steps. Customers must agree to terms stating the ID is not an official government document. The customer must then fill out the ID information and submit a photo and signature.

Treffs Grill sees about two to three attempted fake-ID users a night, General Manager Cory Wauson said.

"Most students are using real Texas IDs, but it's not actually them," Wauson said. "Students are using older friends' and brothers' and sisters' IDs."

When differentiating a real ID from a fake ID, Wauson said Treffs looks closely at the expiration date and picture resemblance.

Crickets Grill has about five cases of fake-ID use a week, General Manager Harold Manning said.

"A fake ID is a fake ID," Manning said. "We view it as someone attempting to violate the TABC (Texas Alcohol and Beverage Comission) law."

Crickets cards guests at the front door, he said, and if staff members find a fake ID, they turn away the person trying to use it.

Riton Time From Beatport Kah lo Betta feat On Riddim Manning said Crickets cannot actually take someone's driver's license, but the restaraunt does contact the TABC.

Brian Bond, a TABC agent at the Waco district office, said he does not see many cases involving fake IDs.

"Most of the bars don't contact us," Bond said. "We don't see that many, to be honest."

Fake IDs are "easy to get these days," he said. "Most people are getting better quality ones on the Internet."

Bond said selling and buying novelty IDs on the Internet is not illegal because the IDs indicate that it's not a government document. However, he said, fake ID's are only legal if kept in their novelty form. If a person removes the novelty disclaimer and attempts to use the ID, then it is illegal, Bond said.

Wauson said he has encountered a couple of "funny" fake ID situations.

He said he once had a woman come in to Treffs attempting to use one of his ex-girlfriend's IDs. Another time Wauson said a guy photocopied an older person's driver's license and scotch taped it to his high school ID.

To get around scams such as these, Treffs simply asks people to take their IDs out of their wallets, Wauson said.

Fines for fake IDs generally are in conjunction with other alcohol offenses, said Baylor Police Chief Jim Doak. In the past, he said, students have not been charged just for possessing a fake ID.

Baylor police officers are extensively trained in how to spot fake ID's and have learned much through experience, Doak said.

Misrepresentation of age by a minor can result in 180 days in jail and fine of $250 to $2,000, according to the TABC code. The code also states that manufacturers of fake IDs face a felony offense that would lead to 10 years in jail and fines, if convicted.

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